Servername Map Gametype Players
~[A!B] US ATDM Server~ DXMP_Cathedral ANNAAdvTeam 1/16
- zXc - Clan Server - DXMP_Silo advteamdmgame 0/32
Atrey's Zombie Invasion Server Zombies_Cottage Zombies 0/12
if u like pina coladas and gettin caught in the rain DXMP_rpg_v2t4 ANNADeathMatch 0/16
Sunny Side DXMP_Abandoned MTLTeam 0/7
~[A!B] US 0a Server~ DXMS_SunTemple ANNADeathMatch 0/16
~[A!B] US BTDM Server~ DXMP_Smuggler ANNADeathMatch 0/16
~[FGS]Wunderland~ ALTFIRE 2014 DXMP_Temple_Of_Concordia_V3 ANNATeam 0/20
~[FGS]Wunderland~ Classic ZERO Aug 2016! DXMP_Silo ANNATeam 0/10
~Sev's Tact Server~ Tact_Smuggler ANNADeathMatch 0/16
 Knifeworld's Haunted 0aug [EU.NL] DXMP_Refinery ANNADeathMatch 0/12
 Knifeworld's Spooky ATDM [EU.NL] DXMP_HauntedBunker_b3 ANNATeam 0/12